Training mockups and simulators

Build a safe training environment that enables your team to perform at their best when it really matters.

Take your training to the next level

We design, build and install complete training facilities or individual mockups and or simulators across the world, creating an environment in which trainees thrive.


Mockups can be configured to meet your exact requirements either as a specific aircraft or amalgam of different aircraft. Examples include:

  • Fire trainers
  • Aircraft cargo hold loading and unloading trainers
  • Helicopter underwater escape trainers (HUET)
  • Tactical trainers


Examples include:

  • Metro and main Line trains
  • Tanks and armoured vehicle trainers
  • Fire trainers and containerised control centres


Mockups and simulators create an exciting and productive training environment for all sailors both new and experienced. Examples include:

  • Submarine berthing
  • Damage control
  • Fire trainers
  • Landing craft wet well docking
  • RHIB launch and recovery
  • Anchor evolutions
  • Refuelling at sea
  • Life raft and boat launch
  • Flight deck marshalling

We specialise in mixed reality training experiences that safely and cost-effectively deliver competent trainees ready for active operational work.

“This facility ensures we have the capability and equipment to train our people, not just in the basic evolution training of skills, but also in developing experience and managing risk.”
John Martin, Chief of Navy Rear Admiral, Royal New Zealand Navy

Take your training to the next level

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