Maritime Products & Services

From custom ship building and sustainment to ferry terminals, specialised pontoons and barges, SPIIND provides ‘one stop’ design and build maritime services.

Talk to the maritime experts

We've built New Zealand’s largest barges, pontoons and ferry terminals, so we know what we're doing.

Custom shipbuilding & maintenance

Our ship repair, upgrade and building services are well known and respected for their quality and reliability across both naval and commercial specialist vessels, including landing craft and ferries.

Ferry terminals, wharves, barges, pontoons & gangways

SPIIND is the proven option for your next maritime project, no matter the size. We've just finished the Auckland City Ferry Terminal – nine interconnected pontoons each up to 34m long and weighing up to 170 tonnes.

Miscellaneous agency items

SPIIND plans to extend its range of products and looks to technology to add value to the defence and maritime sectors. Keep in touch with our latest releases on our news page and/or our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Royal New Zealand Navy Health & Safety Award

This video demonstrates our commitment to health and safety, in terms of our in-house manufacturing processes which are ISO 45001 accredited – and – our application of ‘as low as reasonably practical’ design principles in mockups and simulators.
“The new training facility enables trainees to do training evolutions over and over again until they get the automation and repetition and it is ingrained as to how to do the evolution. You cannot get that value in the classroom and you can’t put a price on it.”
Angela Barker, Lieutenant Commander, RNZN Project Manager

Maritime support

Contact us to add our practical experience to your existing team. We can engage with you as project managers, consultants or as a complete service from concept to completion.