News - June 2021 - Sea Sickness and VR Motion Sickness Remedy Launch

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Virtual Reality Sea Sickness Headset

SPIIND is pleased to announce the launch of a defence ready Virtual Reality Sea Sickness Remedy.

A breakthrough solution that harnesses the power of Virtual Reality, the headset has been independently tested and found to be 80% effective in reducing or eliminating sea sickness symptoms (Hot, Stress, Nausea, Fatigue, Irritation and Light Headiness) and also those similar symptoms experienced by users of VR motion Simulators.

With a ruggedised design specifically for defence applications, the headset has been independently drop tested to MIL-STD-810G Test 516.6 and proven compliant.

The defence headset is also specifically fitted with Sunproof Lenses which provide for up to 30 minutes of direct sunlight exposure.

The benefits speak for themselves with reduced overhead costs arising due to staff sickness, reduced health and safety compliance issues, reduced recruit dropout rates and reduced risks associated with sick staff.

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