Commercial shipping upgrades and naval fleet upgrades: SPIIND

Constructing modular upgrades for commercial and naval ships is well within the scope of SPIIND services. Our skilled engineers, designers and fabricators provide a range of upgrade and modernisation services for both the commercial and naval markets.


SPIIND has over 40 years of experience in working with industrial systems and large-scale fabrication, which translates well into the commercial and defence marine environment. Our range of completed works has proven our abilities within the Pacific region, while our core shipbuilding, ship upgrade, repair and maintenance trade services continue to grow internationally.


Modernising commercial ships and navy fleets

Often, new technology allows for the removal or upgrading of specific ship equipment, facilities and amenities. Many of these upgrades allow for a smoother, more efficient operation of your vessel, while others simply ensure a safer and more enjoyable environment onboard. SPIIND specialises in the consultation, design, and fabrication of ship upgrades: we’ll complete high quality upgrades within budget and on time, getting you back in the water faster.