Naval ship building in the Pacific and beyond

SPIIND: expert ship building, repairs and upgrades


Capitalising on over 40 years of experience, our ship repair, upgrade and building services are renowned for their quality and reliability. We complete module & system fabrication for commercial and defence vessels, we build inshore and offshore vessels for national and international naval use, we fabricate and install ship pipe spooling, and we work with a wide range of materials; including copper, nickel and stainless steel.


SPIIND is committed to reducing the potential risk that may be faced by both the end users of our technology and our own project delivery staff. From concept stage through to detail design and manufacture, to commissioning and ‘go live,’ we are committed to working across all levels within our client’s organisations to ensure we understand needs both from a management and operational perspective. We strive to ensure that our solutions meet or exceed all expectations.





“Under what proved to be exceptionally difficult circumstances given the bespoke nature of the design and installation, from a NZDF perspective the ‘finished product’ has exceeded all stakeholder expectations.”

Paul Conyers, New Zealand Defence Force