Shipbuilding, anti-terrorism training environments and defence work projects

As well as our defence works, SPIIND also build and maintain many high hazard environments such as oil refineries and dairy factories.


Our methodology of customer engagement is a consultative approach to understand the hazardous environment that is being presented. This methodology gives us the critical knowledge to fully appreciate client training needs, and to deliver a quality solution that is safe, durable and that has true practicality for the user within its operating environment.


SPIIND is an active shipbuilder and maintenance provider to both the defence force and commercial ship operators with experience in building, upgrading and maintaining the Royal New Zealand Navy Inshore and Offshore Patrol Vessels, along with project works on French Navy Ships.

Tactical and Operational Mock-Ups

SPIIND employs a number of staff, including its Managing Director, experienced in various defence industries including military aircraft (fixed wing and rotary) design and manufacture along with other military and commercial transport options.


Applying this experience along with its many years of working with defence industries, SPIIND is well placed to design and build Tactical and Operational Mock-Ups which are critical for the simulation of high-risk operations such as damage control, rescue, evacuation operations, aviation, maritime and counter terrorism operations, its experience including helicopters, aircraft, trains, buses, ships etc.


Most tactical mock-up training takes place in confined spaces found within aircraft, trains, buses and ships, all of which provide highly hazardous environments and high risk of injury for trainees and operatives alike. Recognising these environments and working through all operations in a detail collaborative manner with our clients enables SPIIND to develop very detailed Mock-Ups, along with the use of the very latest technologies such as 3D Scanning of products


Real world training environments

With such detailed representations of actual product clients can be assured of training in a real world environment, which when coupled with SPIIND systems for hazard identification and control in place to an ALARP standard, ensure optimal safety without compromising on the realism of the training.


Our more recent experience includes full size Aircraft Mock Ups such as the partial Boeing 777 for the New Zealand Special Air Services shown here and which utilises actual Boeing doors and aircraft furniture, which for flexibility can be moved around to create different configurations and which is connected to a live fire environment within the building it is linked to.





“I would like to acknowledge the company’s professionalism and diligence by providing timely, accurate and detailed project reports, and variation registers and other project documentation that has set a benchmark I now expect to be achieved on other NZDF projects.”

Paul Conyers, New Zealand Defence Force


Royal New Zealand Navy land based training facility

Other example projects include the Royal New Zealand Navy land based training facility which was purpose designed and built to accommodate a range of operational training modules from both IPV and OPV ships including:

  • Fully operational anchor evolutions
  • Refuelling at Sea evolutions
  • Berthing
  • Working at heights
  • Towing evolutions



Stage Two - Royal New Zealand Navy Operational Training Facility

Stage two of the Royal New Zealand Navy operational training facility is this 160 Tonne barge which is connected to a series of trusses locking it in place to piling just offshore at the navy base but allowing the barge to pitch and roll simulating the real world environment.

On board evolutions include:

  • Accommodation Ladder evolution
  • Swimmer of the Watch evolution
  • Hiab Crane evolution
  • Vestdavit evolution
  • Pilot and Assault Ladder evolutions