Sea defence simulators and navy land-based training facilities

SPIIND has designed and constructed naval training facilities and sea defence simulators, including the design and fabrication of a complete 170 tonne barge simulator, featuring a variety of real-world training evolutions. The design, construction and placement of this sea training simulator entailed many unique and detailed calculations: from operational safety and realistic end-user experience through to incorporating world-first simulation technology. The end product is a completely unique multi-functional and extremely realistic training avatar for the Royal New Zealand Navy.  


Other example projects include the Royal New Zealand Navy land-based training facility which was purpose-designed and purpose-built to accommodate a range of operational training modules, from both IPV and OPV ships. Including:


  • Fully operational anchor evolutions
  • Refuelling at Sea evolutions
  • Berthing
  • Working at heights
  • Towing evolutions 


Our sea defence and anti-terrorism at sea simulators are known for their realistic look and feel, creating an ‘in-the-moment’ experience for the teams in training.