Ground defence simulators for tactical and anti-terrorism training

Ground defence simulators, including anti-terrorism mock-ups for ground transportation environments, entail a large amount of technological design and operational foresight. The many permutations inherent in tactical defence scenarios require ground simulators with real-life usability.


The anti-terrorism training environments designed and created by SPIIND offer a world-first in immersive training simulators. With ground-based training facilities, defence forces and response teams must take into consideration a range of factors: including collateral damage and multi-entrance and exit options. Our realistic, immersive ground defence simulators offer a complete constructed experience, allowing all permutations to be expressed.


Ground defence train simulators, bus simulators,
mass transit simulators & dry vessels

Training for the defence of terrorist attacks within confined ground transit environments requires the construction of highly realistic and reactive training environments. Our ground defence simulators are constructed to exacting standards, replicating real-world environments with incorporated fail-safes, responsive and reactive technology. SPIIND has constructed highly realistic dry vessel simulators for naval training purposes, allowing for detailed training procedures within a controlled environment.