Air defence simulations & mock-ups for anti-terrorism training exercises

SPIIND has completed full-scale aircraft simulators for defence and anti-terrorism training purposes. Our more recent experience includes the design and fabrication of full-size aircraft mock-ups such as the partial Boeing 777 for the New Zealand Special Air Services. This design utilises actual Boeing doors and aircraft furniture, which for flexibility can be moved around to create different configurations. The entire simulator is connected to a live-fire structure within the building it is linked to, creating a complete, realistic, ‘real-world’ training environment. We managed the project from design through to fabrication and onsite build, including the incorporation of the live-fire surrounding structure.



Air defence training facilities and environments

Our specialised experience and practical, hands-on approach places us at the forefront of this niche industry. We are one of the world’s only specialist anti-terrorism training simulator design and fabrication companies, making our skillset highly sought after within the defence sector. Our approach is entirely collaborative, and we use our skills and experience to design completely unique environments to suit our clients’ needs.


We place great emphasis on ‘up-front’ dialogue at all levels: ensuring that our solutions meet all requirements and expectations.