SPIIND: ground breaking anti-terrorism simulators

Award-winning design, fabrication, electrical systems and installation


SPIIND (South Pacific Industrial Industries) works directly and through third parties with national and international defence and commercial industries.


With over 230 specialist trained staff and having been in operation since 1975, SPIIND is recognised for their distinguished design and engineering capabilities. Through dedicated interaction and ongoing engagement within the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces and multi-national conglomerates, SPIIND is differentiated by their provision of quality solutions, setting best-practice training environments for specialist forces and commercial operators.


SPIIND’s recent Awards of Commendation bestowed in 2017 from the New Zealand Minister of Defence, saw them selected from over 3500 local and multi-national contractors. This is testament to SPIIND’s dominant market position. The Awards highlighted achievements in Health & Safety Standards and Excellence to Industry.


Specialty services in anti-terrorism, defence and commercial fabrication

SPIIND’s unique skill sets have earned us a strong reputation in the relatively new field of anti-terrorism training facility design and creation. With over 40 years of experience in industrial systems and fabrication, our core expertise has allowed us to approach the design and fabrication of our products from an extremely robust position. We have a deep understanding of the facilities we create, from integrity of design and construction through to technological innovation and end-use scenarios; we work closely with our clients to ensure a complete fit-for-purpose result.


SPIIND provides a full design and build service for anti-terrorism simulators and mock-ups, both in simunition and ‘live fire’ environments. Our products are designed and built to the highest levels of international safety standards and we use ground breaking technology systems to provide a real world immersive experience for all training evolutions.


Our completed projects have attracted international interest for both their innovative designs and their realistic experiential and training value. SPIIND offer the world’s finest and most realistic simulator environments for terrorist events and defence training. We also fabricate, repair and upgrade naval defence fleets and commercial craft, having the facilities and expertise to deliver cost effective, robust and reliable services across the globe.